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Elizabeth W.
Elizabeth W.Clawra

I was anxious before Taryn came over; my house was a mess and Clawra can get spooked by people following her around so I didn't know how this would go. Taryn assured me that the pictures wouldn't show the state of my house and then got to work creating a stress free space for Clawra to be Clawra. I was honestly surprised how well Clawra did, she showed Taryn her favorite window spot and towards the end even showed off her belly! I know Taryn doesn't have any cats, but she sure knows how to work with them! I'm so glad I have these beautiful photos of Clawra being herself, she looks amazing in them! Thanks, Taryn!

Amanda J.
Amanda J.Hamlet

"Taryn is amazing, plain and simple. Her works speaks for itself! My corgi Hamlet is a great model, but he loves to speak his mind and get up in your space while doing so. Taryn was not fazed at all while Hamlet sniffed out ALL of her equipment or when he barked his face off while she took the photos. Working with animals is what she was meant to do and she has such a talent with photography.

At the end of the day, I’m happy we went through with the photoshoot despite any reservations I had. Hamlet is our puppy and regardless of his age he always will be our puppy; we brought him home at 10 weeks old and he is such a huge part of our lives. I am so glad that we have these photos to look back on his first birthday! We never had a puppy from such a young age, so this photo shoot is really a gift to us that we will cherish forever.

Walking away from the experience of working with Bigg Mugg Photography we gained two things: a whole album of gorgeous shots of my dog and a new friend. Taryn is not just a photographer to us! We still chat frequently and she even came to Hamlet’s first birthday party. I completely understand if you’re hesitant about booking a photoshoot for your dog. Take it from me though. You will not be disappointed with the end results and will want to book a shoot for all your pets!

Thanks for allowing us to be part of the Bigg Mugg Family!

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  • Do you only photograph dogs?

    While dogs make up the majority of my clientele- I will work with pets of any kind!

  • Does my dog have to be off leash for their photoshoot?

    Absolutely not! Most of the images you see have had the leashes edited and removed. Safety is my number one priority so unless the shoot is taking place in your home the dogs are safely on their lead :)

  • Do you work with nervous/reactive dogs?

    Yes! I have a soft spot for these kinds of pups as I raised a reactive dog myself. I’ve worked with several dogs that just wouldn’t be comfortable in a public park or in the city. I always offer shooting in home or at less busy times for public locations as an option!

  • How long is the session?

    However long it takes! Sessions usually last about an hour but I focus on getting your dog comfortable and having a good time before I begin shooting.