2020 Bigg Mugg Ambassadog Applications are live! Philadelphia Dog Photographer

Bigg Mugg Photography is searching for a select few Philadelphia Area pups to be Brand Ambassadogs for 2020.

The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Ambasadog-hood (my grade school english teachers would be proud) :

Ambassador+Dog. #cleveraf
Ambassadogs are simply Brand Ambassadors for Bigg Mugg Photography. If chosen, the dynamic duo that is you and your pup will become the face of BMP for 2020 and earn some serious perks. (plus, bragging rights!)

All ambassadogs will receive a unique, high concept photo shoot created just for you. This gives us the chance to add something fresh and new to our portfolio, and you the chance to get out and explore, build confidence, and further the bond with your pup.

After the shoot we will have a sit down viewing party of all the magic we captured. Where the bragging rights will ensue! You will receive an app on your phone with watermarked images from your shoot to show every person you come in contact with just how model-esque your dog is.
Plus more surprises that we can’t reveal yet because they’re… surprises.

When chosen as an Ambassadog you not only get cool perks, you get to join a family of badass humans and dogs as well.

You’re eligible to become an Ambassadog if you:
Live in the Greater Philadelphia Area.
Have an active instagram account for your dog with a good following and interaction.
Are willing to adhere to the following expectations:
Be passionate about our business, read up on our website and social media to make sure you align with our values.
Be authentic. (the weirder the better and all dog temperaments are welcome #rebeldogs)
Be willing to refer others in the dog community to Bigg Mugg. Show off those photos and your shoot experience, strike up conversations with someone you meet on a walk or at the dog park.
Be supportive. Sharing posts from Bigg Mugg and other ambassadogs, coming to events, being an active part of the community is a must.

If interested in becoming a part of this year’s program, all there’s left to do is apply: https://forms.gle/DfLtuYnVEtruQpWq9

Cheers to the start of the Barking 20s!