What is Bigg Mugg?

You probably already know. It’s the perfect little face you see sticking out from under the covers, the “go outside” bark that wakes you up 10 minutes before your alarm, the big ol’ noggin used as a tool for building the perfect blanket nest, the ears with a mind of their own, the kisses that may just go all up in your nose (and mouth) if you don’t pay attention, the paws that will tap you repeatedly if you happen to stop petting before they say so.

The name is inspired by my two puppy loves, Biggie Smalls and Muggsy Bogues. They are a huge reason why my heart has so much love for all animals. Biggie passed away suddenly at the age of 4. It is in his memory I created Bigg Mugg Photography; to honor all the love he gave and to document the unique qualities of our best friends.

Our pets are never with us for long enough and that is why I feel it is so important to create something as special as they are for you to enjoy for a lifetime.